Specials board

You can choose from our specials board at lunchtime or during the evening.

Soup a l’Oignon with Gruyere Crouton.


Soup de Poisson served with Aioli & Toasted Bread.


Creamy Garlic & White Wine Mushrooms On Toasted Brioche.


Kofta lamb Burgers with Garam Masala Spice in Pita Bread Shredded Red Cabbage, Plain Yogurt & Sweet Chilli Sauce. 


Fried Hake Fillet, in a Tortilla, Crushed Avocado,

Pickled Cabbage, Chipotle Mayonnaise & Lime Juice.


Greek Marinated Rump of Beef, Hummus, Sun Blush Tomatoes, 

Olives on Toasted Sourdough, Herb Oil & Parmesan.


Lemon & Oregano Chicken Kebab, Greek Salad

& Toasted Ciabatta. 


Thai Salmon With Roasted Beetroot & Couscous Salad

Lime & Chilli Dressing & Flake Almonds.


Marinated Paneer Cheese Burger, Chargrilled Tuscan Vegetables,

Chilli Jam & Sweet Potato Chips.


Chargrilled lamb Steak, Roasted Red Peppers, Provençal Tomato, Basil & Pea Pesto with Parmesan Croutons.


Grilled Swordfish Steak, Pineapple, Red Onions, Tomatoes Salsa,

Watercress & lime Salad.