Breakfast menu

Join us for breakfast or brunch every day from 9.30am or 10am on Sunday. We offer everything from toast and jam to a full fry-up. Sunday brunch is especially popular and we welcome families. All our eggs are free range.


Oeufs Florentine (V) – £6.25
Poached eggs, spinach and hollandaise

Oeufs Cocotte (V) – £5.99
Poached egg, spinach, mixed herb and crème fraîche grated parmesan pot

Oeufs Bénédicte – £6.25
Open toasted bagel, poached egg , bacon & hollandaise sauce

Oeufs Royale -£6.90
Open toasted bagel, poached egg , smoked salmon & hollandaise sauce

The Works – £7.10
Ellisons sausages, bacon, black pudding, mushrooms, potatoes, tomato, beans, egg, toast & preserves, tea or coffee

The Veggie Works – £7.10
Veggie burger, veggie sausages, tomato, mushrooms, potatoes, beans, egg , toast & preserves, tea or coffee

Pancake, breakfast syrup and fruits (V) – £2..99

Croissant or Pain au Chocolate (V) – £4.50
With petit yogurt and tea or coffee £4.50

Le Minute Steak, Hash Brown & Egg – £7.99

Poached Eggs on Granary or White Toast (V) – £4.25

Toasted Fruit Teacake or Toasted Bagel (V) – £2.25

Baked Beans on White or Granary Toast (V) – £4.25


Bacon baguette – £3.90

Bacon & Cheese baguette – £4.10

Sausage baguette – £3.90

Fried Egg baguette – £3.10

Add tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding, egg, sausage or bacon for 90p easy